“Yes!! She has excelled this semester–Emily was absolutely a gem!  I believe we would like to continue a couple times a month with math and science-to keep her up to speed come the fall, in high school.  I did speak to Emily about this–want to give our daughter a couple weeks off–then get back in the groove–lord knows how fast the summer goes.  Don’t want to waste all that Em has given her.  You made a perfect match.  Thank you to YOU and to EMILY.”

Shari K., mother of Westside Middle School student

“Kate was amazing.  She really helped our daughter a lot.  Our daughter was failing when we started with the tutoring and she ended up with B’s for both semesters.  Math is a struggle for her and Kate was able to break it down so she understood so much better.  I’m couldn’t be happier with having Kate as our tutor!”

Cheri B., daughter of Middle North High School student

“Tammy was excellent.  Our daughter’s grade went from an F to a B+.  We were really pleased.  We won’t need tutoring this summer, but as our daughter starts in the fall I will be in contact if she has trouble keeping up.”

Katie D., mother of Bellevue West High School student

“I could not have imagined a better tutor for our daughter.  She and Emily hit it off like gangbusters!  Nat’s grade went from a 3 to a 1 in no time at all. Emily was an excellent tutor and I have no doubt she will be a wonderful teacher.”

Lorrie K., mother of Millard North Middle School student

“We were very pleased with Emily’s progress in math.  Anna was a perfect fit with our daughter and helped her learn while having fun.  She is a very talented math teacher.”

Pat B., mother of Fairview Elementary School student 

“Anna has been awesome!  Our daughter increased her grade by two grades since Anna started working with her and they have both enjoyed working together and making this a fun time and not a frustrating time for Abigail.”

Denise N., mother of Central High School student

“Our son’s tutoring went great!  It helped him tremendously.  Ryan was fantastic!”

Brett K., father of Burke High School student

“Thank you Advance the Grade for providing us with an amazing tutor and person! We loved having India here and she was very patient with our daughter. Our daughter has nothing but wonderful things to say about her. India was just very friendly and down to earth with her teaching methods. Our daughter understands Algebra better now and is retaking her test and assignments now, and India helped our daughter feel confident enough to do well on her final. I only wish we would have met her in January! Tell India thank you so much. Also, thank you for sending her our way. Our son will be returning to public school from private school next year, and we will keep Advance the Grade in mind if he has any problems with any of his classes.”

Danielle S., mother of Westside High School student

“I am very pleased with Advance the Grade. The last tutor we had was truly just a homework helper and did not teach as DeAndre is teaching. I am absolutely tickled by DeAndre and his approach with my son. DeAndre is doing fantastic! The last tutor we had would just come in and do homework with my son and breeze through it not always explaining it thoroughly. What DeAndre is doing is so much better and the correct way.”

Sally C., mother of Central High School student

“I appreciate your suggestions. It’s not every day that someone goes the extra mile to actually help someone instead of just give advice that will support their own business or personal gains. God bless you.”

Shelly B., mother of Kids Club student

“Your tutor did an excellent job with our daughter.  The price was reasonable considering the good service our daughter received from her tutor.  Our daughter enjoyed every minute with her tutor.  She was great!!”

Krysti E., mother of Millard North Middle School student

“My son said the other day that he had initially thought that he would not like the tutoring, but now he likes to work with his tutor.  He told me, ‘It’s not as bad as I thought.  It’s really pretty good.’”

Sue B., mother of Picotte Elementary student

“I just want to let you know that we will no longer be needing your services.  This is because Larissa did such a great job with my daughter!  On her last multiplication test she got 99/100!  She is doing great with division as well!  She is so excited about the progress she has made and so are we!  I appreciate your help so much and I will refer you to anyone I know that is in need of a tutor!  Thank you!”

Lisa M., mother of Swanson Elementary student