Need a tutor in Omaha or a nearby area? We are a local in-home tutoring service, not a franchise or national chain, with a genuine and sincere desire to help students achieve personal and academic success. > Get Started

Affordable – First Session Free

We offer affordable rates and do not require a minimum number of tutoring hours per week. You may try our service now for free – your first session is free.

All Subjects, All Ages

We provide service for all subjects and all ages, including homeschool support. We also teach good study habits and test taking skills that will benefit your child’s overall learning.

Convenient In-Home Tutoring

We tutor exclusively in your home, so you will have one less place to go. Our tutors will work with you to schedule tutoring sessions that do not conflict with other family activities.

Personal Attention

We offer one-on-one tutoring using your child’s school curriculum. We tailor the learning to your child’s specific needs and personality. We also help set reasonable and attainable goals for your child.

Professional, Dedicated Tutors

We hire tutors who are highly qualified and committed to helping students. Our tutors are able to make the subject matter understandable and connect with children and young adults.

Flexible and Fair

We do not require you to sign a long-term contract. You decide how long you want to continue services. You may also change tutors if a personality or scheduling conflict arises.